Traveling Light

Lightweight aluminium wheelbases.
Re-welded & riveted War Trees.
A foldable, compact, screen.
It’s ‘wheely’ good what you can do when you’ve got the right fella for the job!

Right, stop me now. That’s my cheesy tabloidy pun quota reached.

Furthermore – it’s time to board a flight to Paris – thence to Atlanta & on to San Fransisco.

Again, a hasty post. From the departure lounge. Which is full of French rugby fans returning from their Murrayfield outing.

Rick has been puppeteering tonight/last night for a Haiti benefit gig at the Traverse Theatre and is dozing on the airport bus.

Richard is wondering why they’ve picked out his case to be taken away at the aircraft steps.

Elspeth is arm-linked on to the pole & is tapping on her iPhone like there’s no tomorrow. But there is. And it will involve Golden Gates!